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Gold and Sterling Saint Medals
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Fine 14k & Sterling Silver Religious Medals

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In Stock We stock thousands of religious medals including all the popular medals. In stock are the laminated prayer cards, medals and chains.

Engraving Most of our religious medals can be engraved.

Quality Our religious medals crosses crucifixes and symbols are of the highest quality from the largest religious manufacturers with most of them falling into the 'fine' classification.

Medal Size & Shape We have found that ladies generally prefer oval medals and while men tend to prefer round medals.

20 Inch Sterling Chain Many of our religious come on a fine 20 inch sterling chain. If you prefer an 18 inch sterling chain instead please state that in the comment section at checkout. Both chains are identical with end caps and lobster claws. The only difference is the length.

25 and 26 inch endless Sterling Chains Many of our product descriptions state that it comes with a 25 inch endless chain which is a 2.9mm chain plus our 26 inch endless sterling chain

Keyrings We do have available sterling keyrings and keychains

Customer Satisfaction: Our return within 30 days refund policy.

Fine Gifts for many occassions: including easter, mother's day, father's day, birthdays, anniversaries and of course the Christmas holiday season. The go search above can access all of our items; plus we can make items that are not shown.

Rare and Limited: As a result of so many of our manufacturers dropping items and or themselves we now have hundreds of different items in stock that can never be replaced and refer to them as rare and limited.
Dime & our sterling ruler Please use the dime in the image or the sterling ruler for size comparison. A dime is 17.5m, 11/16 inch. Also, one inch is 25m. 12m is about 1/2 of an inch. We have recently begun photoshooting our religious medals with a one inch sterling silver ruler which we made. We can make 18 guage sterling tags of any rectangular size from 1/4 by one to to one inch to 2 inches.

Selecting a medal for a lady We have found ladies prefer oval medals that are 18mm or three quarters of an inch long, no larger and no smaller.

Did you Know That grey or dark look on a religious medal is lacquer and/or varnish manufacturers spray on medals so they don't tarnish. It also bonds with chemicals including polish turning different colors. If the medal has a gray look you should never polish it.

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